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Newlyweds Warning: Are you making these mistakes social

Newlyweds Warning: Are you making these mistakes social -
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Congratulations on your wedding! Now that the ink is dry on the marriage certificate, the honeymoon has been taken and all the wedding gifts was carefully placed in your new home, you are probably ready to sit down and settle into married life. It's all good, but many newlyweds are serious social mistakes after their marriage, and these mistakes can cost you your friends, and in the worst circumstances, your wedding.

Here are three common social errors that honeymooners tend to do:

Error # 1: Alienating Your Friends

now that you are married you want to share the happy news with everyone on your friends list. You probably want to shout from the roof of each social media site in existence, but tread lightly with these things. Flooding your friends with messages about marriage and wedding photos plethora can quickly roll their eyes. Keep it short and sweet. Your good friends that you are married and are happy for you, but that does not mean they want to see 8,000 photos of your wedding, broken into pieces of 30 frames each, one day for next year.

While your wedding could be the epicenter of your existence, this is not something that your friends are interested in. Take a step back and determine if you become one of those annoying "facebookers" and dismiss the photos or some time

error # 2 :. I became a We (far)

You are newly married and draped in a veritable cloud of love and marital bliss. This is great news, but do not let your happiness take away your individuality. Believe it or not, married couples are allowed to have individualized thoughts. You can think of something without turning it into a "We believe ..." all the time. Make sure you make some time to do things you love separately from your spouse and remember to form your own opinion and let your loved one out. Research shows spending some time apart and having individual interests is a good thing for weddings, both early in them and later on the road

Error # 3: You complain the in-laws

So perhaps the mother of your husband is not your cup of tea. Maybe you have always known but neglected to all marital bliss promises coming down the pipeline. Now that you are officially married, you understand the need for your husband to call his mother when he wakes up is incredibly boring. While you might be tempted to talk about, or even argue that his mother is domineering, this is often not a good idea. It is also wise not to complain about your in-laws to your friends. Whether you have sent in the sky laws, or have inherited a brother-monster, it does not really matter. You must coexist with these people and berating his mother, father or brother who can not hold a job that will probably not make him anything spectacular for your wedding.

Unless you sincerely believe his family members are toxic, you should just red ears. Or, sit down for a serious talk with your spouse about limits concerns of a mature and diplomatically. Remember, you do not have to love them like they are your own family, but you should definitely be civil and tolerate for the sake of your marriage.

Although these three mistakes are not obvious, they can certainly be problematic. Getting married is an incredible journey and there is a "learning curve" for the new life you are creating together. Do not be part of these social blunders along the way.


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Newlyweds Warning: Are you making these mistakes social
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