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Jill Walker and Tony Snow, Marriage Profile

Jill Walker and Tony Snow, Marriage Profile -

another long-term, successful marriage of celebrity ended with the death of Tony Snow. Tony and his wife Jill were married in 1987 and were the parents of three children

Born :.

Robert Anthony Snow alias Tony Snow, June 1, 1955 in Berea., Kentucky

Jill Ellen Walker :. Unknown


Tony Snow, July 12, 08, at the age of 53 years in Washington, DC from complications related to cancer. He was diagnosed with colon cancer in February 05.

Courtship and Wedding Date:

Tony and Jill met in Detroit, Michigan in 1980 when she worked as a secretary at Detroit News . Jill and Tony were married in 1987.


Tony and Jill have two daughters and a son

  • Robbie snow: . Born in 1996.
  • Kendall snow: Born in 1993.
  • Kristi Snow: Born in 1997.


Tony: Former white House press for President George W. Bush, conservative Fox News talk show, CNN conservative commentator, speechwriter and deputy assistant for media affairs for the President George H.



Tony and Jill lived in the Fairfax County, Virginia and owned a weekend house. Coast

Quotes Wedding Jill and Tony Snow:

Tony Snow: "Any fool can master the intricacies of sexual technique, and many have. But by focusing on the instructions, we teach people to be jerks. The most important part of sex is not lust, but love "
Source :. Howard Kurtz."? .. Come Again " 5/15/06

Sheryl Gay Stolberg, "Perino said Snow was the inspiration for the New Year's resolution 08 she, who has always been to take phone calls from her husband, no matter how it was busy at work. "We learned a lot from him - especially how we should love our families and treat each other," she said. "The White House has lost a great friend"
Source: Sheryl Gay Stolberg. ". Tony Snow, former White House press, dies at 53. " 7 / 13,08

Dana Perino said :." I remember when his wife had 50, he spent a week and wanted to buy 50 gifts Some were little, like a. candy bar or something, but he had all individually wrapped and ready for her on her 50th birthday "
Source: Jennifer Wren, Wendy Grossman". Friends Remember Tony Snow, ", 12/07/08

Tony Snow." Tolstoy once said, all happy marriages are happy in the same way and this is what he meant when two people commit when they say, ". You and I are bound together, forever, period, no questions, no codicils, no pre-nups, no escape clauses ", then all of a sudden, the temptations become irrelevant, and the glories become possible ... Every time I buy something distasteful to my wife, she said, "Oh, that's nice," then it disappears somewhere the love letters she keeps, I do not know where the jewels are. ".
Source: Tony Snow. "Reason, Faith, Vocation." . 5/12/07

Tony Snow: ". Although divorce rates remain high revoltingly, the institution of marriage retains a unique place in the American heart"

Tony Snow: "having been through over the past four and half years of a house fire and a battle with cancer, I think my wife and children lived quite the way . particularly difficult time You'd be nuts not to place a lot of stress on how it affects the family "
Source:" "Tony Snow, the white House Undecided on Job.. 20/04/06.

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Jill Walker and Tony Snow, Marriage Profile
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