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The marriage of John and Patsy Ramsey

The marriage of John and Patsy Ramsey -
The Death of Innocence by John & Patsy Ramsey
The death of innocence by John & Patsy Ramsey.
update February 6, 2016 .

After the death of their daughter, JonBenét, in December 1996, John and May-December marriage to Patsy Ramsey dealt with the stress not only the loss of JonBenet, but also to be suspected of his murder and fear of persecution.

in 08, Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy cleared from Ramsey and their adult son from any wrongdoing in the case of JonBenet.

Here is more information on the marriage of John and Patsy Ramsey.

Marriage In short - Patsy and John Ramsey
Met :. 1979.
Married: November 5, 1980.
ended Marriage: 06, death of Patsy
first marriage? No

Did you know
In 1977, Patsy was Miss West Virginia

News Updates :.

28/07/2011: July 21, 2011, in Charlevoix, Michigan, John Ramsey married a designer twice divorced Las Vegas - Jan Rousseaux. John and Jan met at a wedding two years before their wedding

29/08/06: .. The murder case against John Karr was dropped by prosecutors Boulder when DNA tests did not put him at the murder scene

17/08/06: John Mark Karr, 41, a divorced father 3 children, confessed his involvement in the death of JonBenét. He was held in Bangkok, Thailand, awaiting deportation to the United States


John Bennett Ramsey December 7 1943 in Lincoln. Nebraska

Patricia Ann Paugh Ramsey .: December 29, 1956 in Parkersburg, West Virginia


Patsy: June 24, 06 in Atlanta, Georgia, at the age of 49 years, Patsy Ramsey died of ovarian cancer. She was diagnosed with the disease in 1993. John was at her side when she died.

His funeral was June 29, 06 at the United Methodist Church in Roswell Roswell, Georgia. Patsy was buried next to JonBenét in St. James Episcopal Cemetery in Marietta, GA

How Patsy and John Met :.

According to Patsy's mother, Nedra Paugh, John first saw Patsy as she entered an apartment Atlanta, Georgia, in the spring of 1979.

Nedra Paugh: "He run (up) a flight of steps to try to see who she was, and she disappeared. " But he finally found his "
Source: The Daily Camera 05/01/1997
John: ..". To my delight, she [Patsy] loved me, and on our first date I knew she was unlike any girl I'd ever met. She had an inner beauty that radiated "
Source: .. John Ramsey, Marie Chapian The Other Side of Suffering: JonBenet Ramsey's father tells the story of his journey from mourning to Grace 2012. . pg 81.

Wedding Date: ..

John and Patsy were married Nov. 5, 1980 in Atlanta, Georgia


John has five children:

  • Elizabeth Ramsey :. born in 1969. She died 01.08.1992 in a car accident in Burr Ridge, Illinois Beth is buried in the St. James Episcopal cemetery in Marietta, Georgia Her mother Lucinda Ramsey
  • Melinda Ramsey long: .. Born in 1972. His mother Lucinda Ramsey
  • John Andrew Ramsey :. born in 1976. His mother Lucinda Ramsey
  • Burke Ramsey Hamilton: .. Born / 1987 Her mother Patsy Ramsey

  • JonBenét Ramsey .: Born 06/08/190 in Atlanta, Georgia. His mother Patsy Ramsey. A beauty pageant contestant, she died when she was 6 years on 26/12/1996 in Boulder, Colorado. She had been missing for eight hours when her strangled and beaten body was discovered in the basement by John. A ransom note was found by Patsy. His memorial service was held on 12.29.1996. His funeral was on 31/12/1996 at Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Atlanta. JonBenét is buried in the St. James Episcopal Cemetery in Marietta, GA

Professions :.

Patsy: former Miss West Virginia 1977.

John: John served in the US Navy and later became a successful businessman. In August 04 John was defeated when he ran as a Republican for the 105th State District House seat in Michigan. There were six candidates in the race. John second. . Author

Previous Marriages:

John has been married

  • Lucinda "Cindy" Lou Ramsey Pasch Johnson :. John and Lucinda were married in July 1966. They divorced in 1977-1978. They had three children

Quotes on Marriage Patsy and John Ramsey :.

Article describing their marriage: "His marriage John was criticized as insensitive, distant and professional with a friend as typifying more like two people amicably divorced married"
Source :. LongmontFYI of The Daily Times-Call


L. Lin Wood, lawyer. "Still, the horror the Ramseys have lived the past six years will never completely disappear They lost their child and they lost their privacy. "
Source: Marilyn Bardsley, Patrick Bellamy. "Apologies At Last". .

Brian Morgan, lawyer: .. "The Ramseys were interviewed on the 26th, the Ramseys were interviewed on the 27th, the 27th, they give samples of physical evidence, blood, hair and fingerprints When they returned from Atlanta, the Ramseys gave five writing samples voluntarily say that Ramseys had not cooperated in the investigation is a bad gross interpretation "
Source: .. Marilyn Bardsley, Patrick Bellamy. "Serious allegations". .

John Ramsey in a television interview: "When you have lost a child, nothing else ... You're rendered as low as you possibly can be without dying Our goal was lying . JonBenet to rest properly, and that is all that mattered at that time "
Source :. Marilyn Bardsley, Patrick Bellamy." A Saga continues. "

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The marriage of John and Patsy Ramsey
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