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Program Army fort Couples Bonds military assistance Wedding

Program Army fort Couples Bonds military assistance Wedding -
Participants in the Army's Strong Bonds Couples Program - Photo by Maj. Jesse Stalder, 412th Public Affairs Office. Photo courtesy of U.S. Army.
Capt. Jared Corsi, 926th Engineer Brigade and his wife Katherine for the obligations of the Command army strong regional support 81st Retreat at Hilton Head, South Carolina. Photo by Maj. Jesse Stalder, 412th Public Affairs Office. Photo courtesy of the US Army.

military couples today face multiple deployments, many PCS moves, training and many other items related to military life - and that is in addition to normal daily responsibilities of parenthood, maintaining a household, community / volunteer work, management a career and / or goals related to education. In these circumstances, even the healthiest of marriages may feel tense.

In an effort to help servicemembers and their spouses to deal with the various requirements imposed on military marriages, the army provides marriage enrichment retreats and courses by their strong Couples Bonds Program.

All retreats and courses are conducted by military chaplains (even if no programming is religious) and are held in an atmosphere of relaxation, such as a hotel or resort.

The program is designed to give military couples a chance to relax and reconnect while learning the tools and techniques of communication problems resolution. For couples, strong links using PREP (Prevention and Improvement Program of the relationship), which is based on the idea that "a lot of marriages fail because the cut has not the tools to deal with important Issos that come with a close relationship. "

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not just for troubled marriages

many military couples are under the impression that the high torque Bond Program is for the troubled marriages or those on the verge of divorce. This is wrong.

The program is designed to improve, enhance and help most marriages, regardless if they are in trouble, healthy or somewhere in between. In addition, retreats and courses are available to servicemembers in all branches and components (active, reserve and Guard) and their spouses.

Whether you've been married less than a year or are about to mark your 30 wedding anniversary, couples Obligations strong program is open to all military couples looking to improve and enrich their marriage.

Not just for weddings All

Strong Bonds also programs for single soldiers. Given that the majority of soldiers single will marry in active service, the programs are designed to help them do that the single Soldier Strong Bonds called "good choice of relationships." The curriculum for singles is called pICK (premarital interpersonal choice and knowledge) or, less formally, "How to avoid Marrying a Jerk or Jerkette."

There is also the Strong Family Bonds program, which is designed to help family members cope better with the constant cycle of deployments and redeployments of military life in general.

is there an attendance fee?

No. assistant chaplain Sgt. 1st Class Daniel L. Roberts explains: "All costs for the strong Bond pensions are paid through funds allocated, so there is a special allocation of dollars. For marriage retreats, both the soldier and spouse are reimbursed for travel expenses, accommodation and per diem, "he said in a statement governance issued by the command of the 108th training.

Does the program work?

According to research by the Army, strong links to the programs work. participants have a lower rate of 50 % in the divorce and increase marital satisfaction. and more than nine out of ten participants say the program has been helpful and useful.

Find a solid program couples Bonds

There are several ways to find a next strongest couples Bonds program. interested couples, singles or families can check with their unit, check the calendar here, or visit the find an event page on strong Web Site Obligations the army.

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Program Army fort Couples Bonds military assistance Wedding
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