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Companionate marriage

Companionate marriage -
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definition: A companionate marriage is based on the joint with common interests in their careers and children. They also have a shared social network that includes their in-laws and mutual friends. Spouses in companionate marriages believe in the equality of men and women believe that their roles in marriage are interchangeable.

The two individuals in a self companionate marriage need awareness and self-confidence for the marriage to be successful. Without trust, friendship, commitment and common values, a companionate marriage can be difficult to maintain.

"In the heart of a companionate marriage is friendship and trust and belief that both partners have equal responsibility in all areas of marriage. they share the economic burden and raising children, and they believe that the needs and sexual desires of both partners must be clearly defined and respected.

they also recognize that when children are young and career issues are pressing, their own needs as individuals should be placed on the back burner These couples know that people living side by side the experience inevitable conflicts that must be faced openly They understand that mutual commitment is what keeps the marriage together "
Source: ... the good marriage: how and why love lasts by Judith S . Wallerstein and Sandra Blakeslee, page 155

pronunciation: Kuhm- pan-yuh-nit mar-ij

Alternate Spellings: companionate marriage,

Examples: ". Companionate marriage is the most common form of marriage among younger couples "
Source: good marriage: how and why love lasts by Judith S. Wallerstein and Sandra Blakeslee, page 22

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Companionate marriage
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