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Jai Glasgow Randy Pausch Marriage Profile

Jai Glasgow Randy Pausch Marriage Profile -

Diane Sawyer described the wedding of Jai and Randy Pausch as a "strong partnership between equals." This is more information about how Randy and Jai met, their marriage, and more

Born :.

Randolph Frederick Pausch: October 23, 1960.

Jai Glasgow


Randy :. at home in Chesapeake, Virginia, July 25, 08, at the age of 47 from pancreatic cancer

donations in his name may be made to pancreatic cancer Action Network or . Randy Pausch Memorial Fund

How Randy and Jai met :.

Jai and Randy met at a conference
Geoff Martz, "Pausch was 37, with a reputation as a something the ladies man, when he met with. a conference Pausch was hit, but she resisted, however, refused to give up, and they eventually married and had three children "
Source: Geoff Martz, Samantha Wender, Chris Francescani," .. Randy Pausch, 'Last read Professor Dies ", 25/07/08
Charlotte Harvey :." ... He turns his plane reservations a day in case he could persuade Glasgow to join him for dinner the next night too. Pausch was scheduled to host a guest speaker from his own rebound at Carnegie Mellon, and he called to say he would not do it. "I told him the truth," said Pausch. Fourteen months later, he called the man to invite to the wedding "
Source :. Charlotte Bruce Harvey" .... It's not yet time " Brown Alumni Magazine 12 / 07


Jai and Randy were married May 20, 00 "in Pittsburgh, under two large oak trees in a simple ceremony with just close family and a few friends present "
Source :. Jai Pausch new dreams. Reimagining My Life after loss 2012. pg 7.
Randy his happiest moment.". Personally, it was the day I proposed to my wife. Nothing could ever touch when she said, "
Source:" yes "10 Questions for Randy Pausch.." 4/10/08
Randy: .. "Jai and I were married under a ooak 100 year old tree on the lawn of a famous Victorian mansion in Pittsburgh ... we entered a huge multicolored balloon, hot air which we quickly extinguished in the clouds ... Then the ball broke tree branches on the way "
Source: ..... Randy Pausch, Jeffrey Zaslow The Last Lecture 08. pg 80.

Randy and Jai honeymoon for a month in Thailand


  • Dylan Pausch
  • Logan Pausch
  • Chloe Pausch


Randy:. professor of computer science, author, lecturer His book, with Jeff Zaslow is The Last Lecture :. A love story for your life

Jai: SAHM, director of electronic publications at Carnegie Mellon University, author.

previous marriage :.

Jai was previously married
Jai: I had a rocky first marriage in my college friend who left me cynical about marriage and my ability to find a man who could be faithful to those wedding timeless vows to love, honor and cherish "
Source :. Jai Pausch. new dreams. Reimagining My Life after loss 2012. pg. 3.

later Marriage:

Jai said in May 2012, she had recently married "a wonderful man," Rich Essenmacher, "a retired naval officer," she met online
Source :. Craig Wilson. "For Jai Pausch," New Dreams "in the wake of the pain." 5/15/2012
Jai :. "I never knew I could love so deeply again."
Source: Jai Pausch. new dreams. Reimagining My Life after loss 2012. pg. 227.

Quotes Related to the wedding of Jai and Randy Pausch:

Jai: "That's where I think we could step in and help caregivers and say it is okay to feel that way, it is normal to have resentment, it is normal to have anger ... I came to realize after Randy had passed, I had the ability to do magic, too ... I ' have the magic in me. And he did not die as I thought ... When a dream is broken, pick up the pieces and get a new one. it will not be the same as that which is broken. But hopefully it will be as dynamic and exciting. I had to give myself permission to let go of the old dreams "
Source :. Tess Scott." Lessons from the last Conference From Jai Pausch. " . 15/05/2012

Jai: "As I take these small steps, Randy was not forgotten Choosing to live and find ways to nurture and support myself did not erase the pain or loneliness but the effort. helped ... As the clouds of pain and fear began to dissipate, I started thinking about how I wanted to live my life. I felt guilty about leaving behind Randy. I did not love her less because I created. new holiday tradtions He was a part of me, part of the family that we made together "
Source :. Jai Pausch. new dreams. Reimagining My Life after loss 2012. pg. 0.

Randy: "Jai love having fresh flowers in the house," said he is scheduled for weekly deliveries for one year after his death the fifty-second week, the bouquet will come with.. a note: "Now it's time to get a new type."
Source :. Charlotte Bruce Harvey "it is not time yet. . Brown Alumni Magazine 12/07

Randy on forgiveness. "Appropriate Excuses have three parts :.
1) What I was doing was wrong
2) I feel bad. I hurt you
3) How can I make this better"
source: Randy Pausch, Jeffrey Zaslow. The Last Lecture. 08. pg. 162.

murmur Jai Randy the "Last Lecture": ". Please do not die "
Source: Randy Pausch, Jeffrey Zaslow The Last Lecture 08. pg 203.

Randy :...." I mean, the metaphor I used ... someone is going to push my family off a cliff pretty quickly, and I will not be there to catch them and that breaks my heart .. But I have a little time to sew nets to cushion the fall so I can roll into a ball and cry, or I can go to work on the nets "
Source :. Geoff Martz, Samantha Wender, Chris Francescani." Randy Pausch, "Last Lecture" Professor dies. " 25/07/08

Randy about Jai and marriage.. .." most of all, i want Jai to be happy in the coming years so if she finds happiness in remarriage, which will be great if she finds happiness without remarrying, it also will be great. Jai and I work hard at our marriage. We received so communicate better, to detect the needs and strengths, and find more things to love each other. therefore, it saddens us that we do to experience this richness in our marriage for the next thirty or forty years. we will not get to cushion the hard work we put in the measure. Yet we would not exchange our eight years of marriage for nothing "
Source :. Randy Pausch, Jeffrey Zaslow. The Last Lecture. 08. pg. 202

Randy on a statement in their marriage ". Not everything needs to be fixed "
Source: Randy Pausch, Jeffrey Zaslow The Last Lecture 08. pg 87.


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Jai Glasgow Randy Pausch Marriage Profile
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