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What kind of love do you feel in your relationship?

What kind of love do you feel in your relationship? -
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"What is love?" is the most googled never question. Love is essential to our well-being and often makes life worth living. Most of us have a different definition if asked to define love. Few researchers have put forward a viable theory on the concept of love. The triangular theory of love was developed by psychologist Dr. Robert Sternberg in the late 1980s and underwent popularity. His theory suggests that people can have varying degrees of intimacy, passion and commitment at any point in time.

The first component of love, privacy involves feelings of closeness, connectedness, and bondedness. The second component, passion , involves feelings and desires that lead to physical attraction, romance, and sexual consumption. Finally, the third component commitment , include feelings that lead a person to stay with someone and move towards common goals. Finding a balance between the needs for sex and the needs of love is essential.

The three components of the theory of Dr. Sternberg interact systemically, "ping" off of each other.

there, seven types of love experiences can occur. "Types" of love may vary in a relationship as well. The types of love represented in the triangle are: infatuation, empty love, romantic love, companionate love, love conceit, and finally (the most ideal type), love consumed

Infatuation is characterized by the desire and passion. He did not have enough time for a deeper sense of intimacy, romantic love or love consumed in the beginning of the relationship. Other forms of love can possibly develop after the infatuation stage makes up. The initial enthusiasm was and is often so powerful that people can "carry a torch" to the other, not quite knowing whether they have what it takes for maintenance, deep and lasting love.

empty love is characterized by a commitment, but without passion or intimacy. Sometimes a strong love deteriorates into empty love. the opposite can happen as well. for example, an arranged marriage can start empty, but thrive in another form of love over time.

romantic love people bond emotionally through intimacy and physical passion. partners this type of relationship have deep conversations that help them to know intimate details about each other. They enjoy a sexual passion and affection. These couples may be where the long-term commitment or future plans are still undecided.

love Companionate is an intimate way, but not passionate love. It is stronger than friendship because there is a long term commitment. There is little or no sexual desire. It is often found in marriages where passion is dead, but the couple continues to have a deep affection or a strong bond together. This can also be seen as the love between close friends and family members.

love Obtuse is characterized by a whirlwind marriage and court where the passion behind a commitment without the stabilizing influence of intimacy. We hear a lot about this among celebrities (such as Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney and Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett). We may even know people who have done this in our own circles, which we scratch our heads wondering how they could get married on impulse. Unfortunately, these marriages often do not work and when they do, we chalk up to "luck".

Consummate love is the full form of love and represents an ideal relationship. That's the kind of love that we associate with "perfect couple." These couples have great sex several years in their relationship. They can not imagine someone else. They also can not be truly happy without their partners. They manage to overcome differences and stress factors facing together. According to Dr. Sternberg, however, the consummate love may be more difficult to maintain than to achieve, as the components must love be put into action. We have heard that "love is a verb" and this is what Dr Sternberg means. Without behavior and expression, passion and lost love can return to the type companionate instead.

Dr. Sternberg's theory of love is one among many, but it is one of the frames defining the most popular and cited. Whatever love is or could be, people recognize the value both to love and be loved, and realize that life is much better with him than without

Source :. Sternberg, RJ (1986) A triangular theory of love . Psychological Review, 93, 119-135.


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What kind of love do you feel in your relationship?
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