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Military Family Support Information - Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard

Military Family Support Information - Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard -
Update February 5, 2016 .
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The Office of the Special Assistant has provided the following information for military personnel and families.

Army, Navy
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Army Community and support center for families
the Army Community & family support Center serves as headquarters for MWR Army (morale, welfare and recreation).

Army Family Action Plan
AFAP the program is seeking comments on the critical issues that affect the welfare of the soldiers, families of the military, retirees and DA civilians.

All components are included; active duty, Army National Guard and Army Reserves. AFAP issues are solicited directly from the army constituents through annual conferences in the facilities, the main commands of the army, and HQDA. AFAP Conference the results are reported to the leaders that ensure issues are worked toward resolution.

Army Family Team Building
Army Family Team Building is an organization run by volunteers that provides training and knowledge to spouses and family members to support the total effort of the Army. AFTB mission is to educate and train all of America's Army in the knowledge, skills and attitudes to prepare our families for the army to move successfully into the future.


Support Division families fleet
Support Division of the Fleet family and provides support to sailors, families and communities providing policy guidance, the field support, resources and information services to people in need, their business partners, the chain of command and their field activities.

They do this through planning, supervision, advocacy and research.

moral, Headquarters wellness and leisure
The Navy MWR administers a varied entertainment program, social and community support activities on the facilities of the US Navy in the world. Their mission is to provide quality support and recreational services that contribute to the conservation, preparation and mental well-being, physical and emotional sailors and their families.

Marine Family Advocate Program
This site is dedicated to support the volunteers who make up the professional naval team Ombudsman. This includes mediators, members of the Assembly Ombudsman and staff of Naval Services Family Line.

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Military Family Support Information - Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard
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