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Forced marriage Definition

Forced marriage Definition -
update February 6, 2016 .

Definition :.

A forced marriage is a marriage that is done under duress and without the full and informed and free consent will of both parties

Being under duress includes pressure both physical and emotional. Some victims of forced marriages are wrong by going to another country by their families. Victims are plagued by a forced marriage by deception, abduction, coercion, fear, and incentives.

A forced marriage can be between children, a child and an adult, or adult. Forced marriages are not limited to women and girls, boys and men are also forced to marry against their will.

A forced marriage is considered domestic violence. As one of our readers (AC) said, "On the international perspective forced marriage is considered a form of human trafficking and constitutes a serious violation of human rights".

The victims of forced marriages often physical violence. rape, kidnapping, torture, false imprisonment and slavery, sexual abuse, mental and emotional abuse and sometimes murder

Examples: "no marriage shall be legally entered into without the free and full consent of both parties, such consent to be expressed by them in person after publicity and in the presence of the competent authority to perform marriages and witnesses, as prescribed by law "
Source :. Convention on consent to marriage, minimum age for marriage and Registration of marriages. Office of the High Commissioner for human rights.

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Forced marriage Definition
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