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Peter Jennings and Kayce Freed

Peter Jennings and Kayce Freed -

Here is information on Peter Jennings and his wife Kayce Freed, how they met, when they married, children Pierre, and information on the three previous marriages stone

News Updates :.

August 8, 05: Four months after announcing he had been diagnosed with lung cancer, April 5, 05, Peter Jennings died at his home on August 7, 05.

Known for his dashing good looks and intense curiosity about life and the world, Peter Jennings has also been described as a man who loved to talk to children and who was kind, generous, witty, loyal, a good friend and had a great sense of humor. Aaron Brown said Jennings tried to understand and not to judge

Born :.

Peter Charles Archibald Ewart Jennings .: July 29, 1938 in Toronto, Canada


Peter Jennings: Peter died in Manhattan August 7, 05 at 67 years of with lung cancer

Age to Wedding :.

Peter was 59, and Kayce was in his mid-30s.

ceremony and wedding date :.

After announcing their engagement in February 1997 Kayce and Peter were married December 6, 1997 in Bridgehampton, New York

their marriage was private and only included their families

education :.

Although Peter attended Carleton University in Ontario and Rider College in New Jersey, he never graduated from school or college

Kayce graduated in 1976 from Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts

Professions: ..

Peter: TV presenter, author and chief editor and anchor of ABC world News tonight since 1983. Peter has won 16 Emmy Awards and many other prizes. Todd Brewster, he is the author of the book, The Century in 1998.

Kayce :. Producer of the television show 20/20 and a freelance


Peter two children have triple nationality :. British, Canadian and US

  • Christopher Jennings: Born in 1982 in Britain. Kati Marton's mother
  • Elizabeth Jennings :. Born in 1980 in Britain. Kati Marton's mother

Interests :.

Peter had a great love of jazz music, sailing and tennis. He volunteered at a soup kitchen and gave a fortune to many charities

Residence: ..

Peter and Kayce lived in an apartment in Manhattan

previous marriages:

Peter was married three times before her marriage Kayce.

  • Valerie Godsoe of Toronto, Canada. Their marriage ended in divorce.
  • Anouchka "Annie" Malouf, the marriage ended in divorce.
  • Kati Marton, born February 4, 1956 in Budapest, Hungary. She is an actress and journalist. Her marriage to Peter Jennings was his second marriage. She was previously married to Carroll Wetzel for 3 years.
Kati and Peter met in London in 1977 and were engaged after three dates. They married in 1979 and divorced in April 1994. Their marriage was often described as turbulent. They separated from each other in 1987 for five months after Peter learned his affair with columnist Richard Cohen. Kati is now married to former Ambassador Richard Holbrooke U.N.. Kati Marton and Richard Holbrooke Marriage Profile She is the author of "Hidden Power :. Presidential Marriages that shaped our recent history"


While still maintaining her Canadian citizenship, Peter Jennings became a US citizen on 30 May 03


Kayce and children Peter after his death: "Peter died with his family around . him, without pain and in peace he knew he had lived a good life "
Source: ABC News

Lauren Bacall, playfully mocking Jennings for his four marriages:" You and News. the world tonight have been married for 20. I am so happy that you get the hang of it "
Source :. Reno Gazette. September 03

Peter, about his separation Kati Marton :. "Last year, it is no secret, my wife and I went through some difficulties, and it was on the pages of newspapers whores It was horrible. The worst thing that ever happened to me worst thing that ever happened to me "
Source:" ... Why Peter Jennings Is So Good "by Charles Kenney, Globe Staff, The Boston Globe 11- 06-1988.

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Peter Jennings and Kayce Freed
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