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Bill and Lois Wilson

Bill and Lois Wilson -

The wedding 53 years of Bill and Lois Wilson was a mixture of hope and despair. Some see their marriage as inspiration, while others see their marriage as one of endurance amidst the broken promises and Bill's infidelity rumors.

Here is information on how Lois and Bill got together, their marriage, and marriage.


William Griffith Wilson: November 26, 1895 in East Dorset, Vermont
Wilson House, birthplace of Bill Wilson, was added the National Register of historic places in November 1995.

Lois Burnham: March 4, 1891 in Brooklyn Heights, New York


Lois Wilson: at the age of four ninety seven Lois died October 5, 1988, at Northern Westchester hospital in Mount Kisco, New York

Bill Wilson :. Bill died when he was seventy-five years on his and Lois' fifty-third anniversary January 24, 1971 in Miami, Florida.

"The death certificate said he had the emphysema advanced for three years and pneumonia for two weeks. He also read that congestive heart failure is a major cause of his death "
Source: .. William G. Borchert The Lois Wilson Story: .. When love is not enough 08. pg 325.

How Lois and Bill met:

Lois and Bill met during summer 1913 in Vermont They were.. present to the other by his brother, Rogers Lois and Bill were secretly engaged in 1915. her engagement ring was a small amethyst They officially announced their engagement in November 1916.

wedding Date :.

Lois and Bill were married in Brooklyn Heights, New York in Swedenborgen Church January 24, 1918 wedding dress Lois was made using lace dress Wedding grandmother. Rogers was the best man and bridesmaid Burnham was Lois longtime friend Elise. Valentine Shaw

Bill and Lois had a honeymoon of two days in Manhattan

children: ..

Lois and Bill had no ' children

"When Bill returned from the war, Lois hoped to start the family she always wanted. However, a series [three] ectopic pregnancies fact childbearing impossible. This was devastating to Lois and she knew Bill wanted so desperately children. She and Bill tried to pass, but they failed. She later found out why - agencies performing routine checks of history would finally be said about alcohol consumption Bill, which had risen sharply since their marriage "
Source:" ... History Statutes "SteppingStones.org


Bill :. Co-founder of Alcoholics anonymous, securities analyst, author

Lois: Co -founder of Al-Anon family Groups, and physical therapist, designer, salesperson, writer

Residence: ..

over many years of marriage, due to chronic use and abuse Bill Bill and Lois were homeless living in the homes of friends, the couple made 52 moves in two years.

April 12, 1941, due to an offer from the widow of an alcoholic, they . able to buy their first house

"Helen wanted the Wilsons to have it, too, and made an extraordinary offer: small house and garage on 1.5 acres for $ 6,500 with no down payment. The terms were $ 40 a month it would hold against a mortgage, accusing them no interest for at least the first year. Can they swing it? They were pretty sure they could. The furniture would be out of storage and it would be $ 20, and they were pretty sure they could ask Don V. for loans if they needed it, they often did "
Source: . "The House" The SteppingStones .. org.

The historic home of Bill and Lois Wilson, Stepping Stones is available for tours. The house, designated historic site and national state, is located in Katonah, New York.

Quotes on Marriage Lois and Bill Wilson:

"... despite the valiant efforts of Laws to control his drinking, Bill dependence to spiral out control alcohol. Soon, his work, their lifestyle, their dreams have all disappeared ... in 1934, after years of struggling to cover the bill and desperately trying to manage their disease by itself, Lois finally witnessed Bill get and stay sober. - not through his help, but the support of an alcoholic colleague and later, Dr. Bob Smith As Bill and Dr. Bob reached sobriety sustainable and co-founder of Alcoholics anonymous, Lois began to feel neglected Bill got and stayed sober without her help, and she felt isolated and resentful. "
Source:" When. love is not enough: the Lois Wilson Story "

Bill CBS.com 4/2010 ... after the heart attack Laws on their thirty-sixth wedding anniversary," after all I have you put through, I need you to stay around a little longer, so I had time to do anything to you "
. Source: William G. Borchert the Lois Wilson story :. When love is not enough 08. pg 292.

Harriet Sevarino: .. "When they [Bill and Lois] would walk together in the gardens or along dirt roads, they would always hold the hand. And I would see the kiss hello and goodbye every time I was there. You could tell they really loved and cared for each other. And do not forget, I was with them [as their housekeeper] over thirty five years "
Source: .. William G. Borchert The Lois Wilson Story :. When love is not enough 08. pg. 320.

Susan Cheever, "Because sexual behavior Bill is shrouded in secrecy, the discussions about it evoke passion. Some people believe that none of this is true; others claim that the bill was a sexual compulsive whose need for sex to compromise elsewhere he believed in ... Most of those who have known and worked with Bill say he certainly had a sexual life outside of his marriage to Lois ... Lois done enough for peace with the behavior of her husband to keep under wraps "
Source: Susan Cheever My Name is Bill: ... Bill Wilson - his life and the creation of Alcoholics anonymous pgs 225-226, 05.

Francis Hartigan :. "While other people I spoke with insisted that Lois never knew. over the affairs of Bill, Tom insisted that "Lois knew everything and did not have to guess about it, either ... he would start rationalizing. What would really kill me is when he said: "Well, you know, Lois has always been more like a mother to me. 'What was supposed to somehow make everything right for him to cheat on his "
Source :. Francis Hartigan Bill W. 00. pg 171. of

Francis Hartigan .. "in the mid 1950s, when Bill was in the early sixties, he began an affair that was different from any he had before. The name of the woman was Helen Wynn, and it was early forties when Bill met her. Helen and Bill were together fifteen years. They met regularly in New York and later in Pleasantville, city fifteen minutes south of Bedford Hills, where Helen bought a house "
Source: .. Francis Hartigan Bill W. A Biography of Alcoholics Anonymous cofounder Bill Wilson 00. pg 10.

Francis Hartigan: .. "when Bill and Helen met, Lois had long been practiced ignoring the peccadilloes of her husband. Obviously, the bill has never ceased to love Lois. He always seems to have sincerely enjoyed his company and to have sought and respected his opinion. He never stopped believing that he owed his life even to his loyalty and support "
Source: Francis Hartigan .... Bill W. A Biography of Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder Bill Wilson 00. pg 193.

Lois: "Personally, I would not let me perceive that I was not as happy as I would have been, after all my dreams of sobriety Bill had come true. Although my joy and faith in its revival continued, I missed our company. We were seldom alone now. There was no time for outdoor weekend. Bill was busy to work with alcoholics ... I felt aloof and useless "
Source: Lois Wilson .... Lois remembers 1979. pg 98.

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