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Jeffrey Skilling and Rebecca Carter Marriage Profile

Jeffrey Skilling and Rebecca Carter Marriage Profile -

Since their marriage, the marriage of Jeffrey Skilling and Rebecca Carter was honored around the fall of Enron. Here is more information on their marriage and previous marriage to Susan Jeffrey Long

Born :.

Keith Jeffrey Skilling .: November 25, 1953 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Rebecca Carter:

How Jeffrey and Rebecca Met:

They met while both were working at Enron and started dating in March 1998. Jeff and Rebecca announced their engagement in July 01.

Wedding Date:

Rebecca and Jeffrey were married on the first of March 02 weekend in a private ceremony at home Skilling Houston, Texas

children :.

Jeffrey has three children, two son and a daughter from his first marriage. One son, John Taylor Skilling, died at age 20 on February 1, 2011. A student at Chapman University, John was found dead in his apartment

German marriages :.

  • Susan Long: Susan and Jeffrey met at Southern Methodist University. They married in May 1975 in Chicago. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1997.
  • Rebecca former marriage ended in a divorce in 1998.

Enron Scandal:

10/23/06: convicted of federal criminal charges, including bank fraud, securities fraud, insider trading , and conspiracy, Jeffrey Skilling was sentenced to 24 years in prison for his involvement in the scandal Enron Corporation. He also faces more than $ 18 million in fines

Professions :.

Jeffrey: Enron Corporation executive, CEO

Rebecca: .. The former secretary general and vice president of the board of directors for communications Enron


Article the cost of the success of Jeffrey: .. "its success came at a personal cost of his marriage ended after 22 years in 1997, and saw less of his children he said he wanted to class profile of the Harvard Business School 20 meeting he not write a summary of his achievements, but a letter of regret for the loss of his marriage "
Source :. Chron.com

Kurt Eichenwald marriage of Jeff and Susan in 1995: "He and Susan had grown apart; .. the three children were the only thing they had in common over Jeff jamming more meetings in each day travel too, spend time with customers in distant cities Susan was a dedicated supermom, running a busy schedule to another. Their time together was spent competing over whose day had been trying for more the nerves. the tenderness they both had once felt was gone. they were always angry, just tired "
Source :. Conspiracy of Fools: A True Story , page 78.

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Jeffrey Skilling and Rebecca Carter Marriage Profile
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