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The Duke of Windsor and Wallis Warfield Simpson Profile Wedding

The Duke of Windsor and Wallis Warfield Simpson Profile Wedding -
Duke of Windsor and Mrs. Wallis Simpson Wedding - Photo: Hulton Archive / Getty Images
The Duke of Windsor married Mrs. American divorcee Wallis Simpson at the Chateau de Conde, France June 3, 1937. photograph: Hulton Archive / Getty Images

wedding Edward VIII and Wallis Warfield Simpson sparked sensational headlines in newspapers around the world

born: ..

Edward was born June 23, 1894 in Surrey, England

Bessie Wallis Warfield was born. 19

June 1896 in Baltimore, Maryland Death: ..

Edward died May 28, 1972 in Paris, France

Wallis died on April 24, 1986 in Paris, France

the couple was buried together in the cemetery Royal Windsor Castle

Courtship :.

Edward met and was attracted by Wallis Warfield Simpson, a woman married in 1930. They had a few public, not secret affair for almost seven years.

although not well received by the public or his family, the Prince and Wallis took a cruise together and went skiing in Austria. Wallis shocked politicians and the British company appearing with Edward VIII during his first official dinner as King of England shortly after receiving his title in January 1936.

Decision Edward abdicate

There was nothing in the British Constitution that prevented Edward VIII to marry Wallis. Public opinion against Wallis because of his two divorces and political opponents was left with only two choices :. either give up or give up the throne Wallis

On December 10, 1936, King Edward VIII abdicated. Edward's younger brother, George VI, became king and gave the title Edward, Duke of Windsor.

Read the text of the 1936 ad December 11 radio Edward VIII announced renounce the throne.

wedding date and info:

Edward and Wallis were married in a quiet ceremony in France on June 3, 1937. They lived their life together in Paris

Children ..


Previous marriages:

Edward, no

Wallis had two previous marriages

  • Earl Winfield Spencer: .. The November 8, 1916 she married Spencer, a US Navy pilot. They divorced in 1927, apparently because of alcoholism Winfield
  • Ernest Aldrich Simpson :. In July 1928, Wallis Simpson married a banker. They divorced on April 27, 1937.

The UK government has published papers in 03 which revealed that Wallis Simpson was involved in an affair with a London car dealer named Guy Trundle then that it has been involved with Edward.

Apparently, Edward was not informed of the relationship with Wallis Trundle before he gave up the throne.

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The Duke of Windsor and Wallis Warfield Simpson Profile Wedding
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