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The marriage of Norman and Ruth Peale

The marriage of Norman and Ruth Peale -
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The marriage of Norman and Ruth Peale lasted 63 years. . Here is information on how they met, where they married, and more


Norman Vincent Peale: May 31, 1898 in Bowersville, Ohio

Loretta Ruth Stafford :. 10 September. 106 in Fonda, Iowa


Norman: Norman died of a stroke in their Quaker Hill Farm home in Pawling, New York December 24, 1993 at the age of 95 years

Ruth February 6, 08 in Pawling, New York at the age of 101.

How Norman and Ruth Met :.

Ruth and Norman were introduced to each other in 1927 by college roommate Phyllis Ruth
"I heard about Norman for some time before I met him ..." The last thing I want to do is find me loving a single minister, I say. But despite my will, I am sure to go to a party given by the youth group at church. It was a great evening and time passed quickly. at the end of the party introduced me to Phyllis Norman. We shook hands. Then, an amazing thing happens. He was holding my hand just a split second longer than necessary. I thought This is going to be interesting "
Source :. Ruth Stafford Peale." Mr. and Mrs. Positive Thinking " 01/09/08

Date and wedding information: ...

Norman and Ruth were married June 20, 1930 in Syracuse, New York, at the Methodist church University United

Douglas Martin :. "Mrs. Peale liked to recall what she said were the first words of her husband in the limousine after their marriage. He said: "We had a big crowd, it is a pity that we could not take a collection."
Source: Douglas Martin. "Ruth Stafford Peale, 101, Dies; helped Flourish ministry." . 07/02/08


Ruth and Norman had three children

  • Ann Margaret Peale Everett :. Born in 1933.
  • John Stafford Peale: Born in 1936.
  • Ruth Elizabeth Peale Allen: Born in 1942.


Ruth and Norman bought their farm 20 -acre and home in Pawling, New York in 1943.


Norman :. clergyman, author, speaker, radio host, journalist, co-founder of Guideposts

Ruth: Author, lecturer, editor, professor of mathematics, co-founder of Guideposts. Ruth was named "New York State Mother of the Year" in 1963.

"While Peale preached memorable sermons to a congregation of 4000, every Sunday, Ruth Peale handled the household finances, has led the family car, made all travel arrangements and made it a priority to reduce the noise and stress that may inhibit the work of her husband. in a newspaper article November 20, 1956 ... she told the investigator that she felt that the responsibility of a nice house and was strictly managed to the wife and mother, no matter how busy she might be "
Source :. Tom Longden." Peale, Ruth Stafford. ".

Quotes About the marriage of Ruth and Norman Vincent Peale:

Ruth: "I think in a relationship how a man feels a woman ultimately depends on how it makes him feel about himself and vice versa "
Source: .. Ruth Stafford Peale. "Think Mr. and Mrs. positive." 01/09/08

Ruth :. "The person you fall in love with perhaps the last that you expect."
Source : Ruth Stafford Peale "Think Mr. and Mrs. positive.". 01/09/08

Douglas Martin :. "His [Ruth's] experience as the daughter of a Methodist minister persuaded that the life of a minister was" restrictive, "according to an interview with The Times in 1969, she and four college friends vowed never to marry Ministers ... she said it took two years for her to decide to marry "
Source :. Douglas Martin. "Ruth Stafford Peale, 101, Dies; helped Flourish ministry." 2/7/08

Tom Longden: .. "Ruth Peale encouraged her husband to keep trying after several publishers rejected the manuscript for" A Guide to Confident Living "Once she fished the project on a dustbin. in 1948, he became the first bestseller of the Minister. later, when publishers rejected "the power of positive thinking," the pastor put it in a desk drawer, but his wife snatched unwittingly and sent to an enthusiast. Editor "
Source: Tom Longden." Peale, Ruth Stafford "

Ruth.." We have been devoted to the parents of each other, but we found the sometimes try .. . Norman and I were lucky from the beginning we agreed to discuss our feelings to each other's parents openly and honestly in private. we agreed not to get angry or defensive when the topic of in-laws came, but treat it as a kind of verbal good mood pillow fight in which one of us could say anything within reason and not to damage the fabric of our own wedding "
Source :. Ruth Stafford Peale. "Think Mr. and Mrs. positive." 01/09/08

Ruth :. "I think a disagreement between married partners can be useful if (and it is a big" if "), it is treated in the right way over the years, there have there. were many areas in which Norman and I do not agree, I do not think agree with him on all subjects "
Source: Ruth Stafford Peale" Think positive Mr. and Mrs... " . 01/09/08

Ruth :. "Over and over again Norman and I saw a wedding south because one partner was determined to change the other, and the other could not or would not change Don 't expect perfection the person you are married you can not give yourself neither Norman nor I are perfect, far from it, but I think we had a near perfect marriage "
Source: .. Ruth Stafford Peale. "Think positive Mr. and Mrs." 01/09/08

Van Varner... "Ruth Peale leaves no doubt that her husband came first, but sometimes it makes he was on the right track before she followed. "
Source: Van Varner." Ruth and I " 01/09/06

Ruth...". .. in our own Norman wedding and I has to learn to accept the shortcomings of the other, for example, I have to put up with its volatility and unpredictability where plans. and appointments are concerned. This, of secondly, to live with my lack of flexibility and tend to get lost in the details. "But we both recognize that we have these defects," I said, "and that removes the sting. "
Source :. Ruth Stafford Peale." Loveable how to be a wife. " 01/01/1973

Norman :." My wife and I decided from the outset to be a 'team of each setting his best to the joint venture of cooperative life, each complementing the other of the weakest points in the compensatory force "
source: Norman Vincent Peale .. Tough-Minded Optimist 1961. pg 89.


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