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Rushing into marriage does not work for Jennifer Lopez

Rushing into marriage does not work for Jennifer Lopez -
Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez - Tony Barson/WireImage/Getty Images
Marc Anthony Jennifer Lopez in 06 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter - Arrivals at Morton West Hollywood, California, USA. Tony Barson / WireImage / Getty Images
update February 7, 2016 .

After his first two marriages precipitated failed, Jennifer Lopez rushed into marriage a third time with Marc Anthony. But the third time was not the charm for Jennifer and Marc

Learn more about their marriage to another, divorce, and their previous marriages

Quick facts Marriage - Jennifer and Marc ..
Married: June 04.
First Marriage: No
separation: July 2011.
divorce filed by Marc: April 2012.
divorce finalized: June 2014

did you know
Marc and Jennifer were married secretly four days after his divorce


Jennifer Lynn Lopez July 24, 1969 in the Bronx, New York

Marc Anthony alias Marco Antonio Muniz :. New York, New York September 16, 1968.

Wedding Date:

Jennifer and Marc are secretly married June 5, 04 at his home in Beverly Hills, California. Their wedding took place four days after his divorce. Wedding guests did not know they would be attending a wedding. Jennifer wore a Vera Wang gown. Learn more about the wedding of Mark and Jennifer


Jennifer and Marc had a short honeymoon at the San Ysidro Ranch near Santa Barbara, California

Children :.

Jennifer: Jennifer and Marc announced the birth of their twins, a son, Maximilian David Muniz, and a daughter, Emme Maribel Muniz, in early 08. The babies were born Long Island, New York

Marc: Three children ..

  • Cristian Anthony Muniz: born in 01. His mother is Dayanara Delgado
  • Ryan Anthony Muniz :. Born in 03. His mother is Dayanara Delgado
  • Ariana Anthony: .. Her mother is a police officer in New York


Marc :. Actor, singer and composer

Jennifer: Actress, singer, dancer, producer, songwriter, fashion designer, and has ownership in a line of clothing line and fragrance

divorce :.

11/04/2012: The April 9, 2012 Marc Anthony has filed for divorce. Divorce Documents via TMZ

15/07/2011: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced their divorce

10/12/08 :. Jennifer and Marc and Jessica and Carlos Beltran have renewed their wedding vows in Las Vegas, Nevada. The renewal ceremony was presided over by Reverend Steven Smith at 3:15 Tower Penthouse at Caesars Palace Forum
Source :. Mark Gray. "Renewal Ceremony Inside Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony." . 10/12/08


May 2013: Jennifer purchased an "8 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, 8,500 square foot custom home," which includes a pool, pool house, room . steam and sauna on 3 acres Water Mill, New York Lopez paid $ 10 million for the property property information

in May 2013. .. Marc Anthony dollar bought a house for $ 2.5 million Encino, California

October 2011: Marc rented a "Renaissance Italian villa 10,000 square feet in West Hollywood" with 8 bedrooms, 9.5 bathrooms, a recording studio, 2 houses for clients, and ceilings 18 feet high

in September 2011 :. After his split with Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez bought a 14,000 square foot water view home on 2 acres in the Hamptons in New York. the house has seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms and a half, seven fireplaces, and a pool.
property Photos

Jennifer detained several other homes in the United States. They include a French chateau style house in Bel-Air, California, Miami Beach real estate of $ 9.1 million and a house in Old Westbury, Long Island, New York

Marriages and relationships previous :.

Jennifer had two previous marriages and more meaningful relationships:

  • David Cruz David and Jennifer met when she was 16, she and David were a couple up she was 25 years old
  • Ojani Noa :. Ojani, a Cuban actor, and Jennifer met in a restaurant when he was a boy in Miami Beach, Florida. Ojani proposed to Jennifer in the middle of a dance floor on 28/10/1996 in San Antonio, Texas.
Ojani gave him a ring marquis-cut diamond. Ojani and Jennifer were married on 22/02/1997 and 01/01/1998 divorced. In 06, they were in court fighting over a tell-all book Ojani wanted to write. 27/05/2011: After finding a loophole in the confidentiality agreement he signed with Jennifer Lopez, Ojani Noa sold an "intimate home video" to his girlfriend, Claudia Vazquez, who plans to release images through a video distributor. on 06/08/07, an arbitrator appointed by the court awarded Jennifer $ 545,000. the decision was confirmed in September 07 by a Los Angeles judge superior Court.
  • Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs, rapper and producer, and Jennifer, were a couple from 1999 to 01.
  • Cristan Judd Lee, actor, dancer, composer, director, choreographer and backup dancer from Texas Jennifer met in 01 while directing a music video, love do not cost a thing for her in Spain. He said it was love at first sight. Cris married Kelly A. Wolfe in November 09.

Their small wedding on the evening of September 29, 01 were approximately 170 people in a house in Calabasas, California. She wore a dress designed by Valentino. Attorney Barry Hirsch officiated the non-denominational ceremony. Jennifer and Cris divorced 26 January 03.

Cris Judd, "You know, it's very difficult", the dancer-choreographer, 45, reflected his short marriage to superstar "Your privacy is. violated. You're a normal person. [Our wedding] was a circus. I think many people were arrested trying to climb a mountain ... trying to sneak in. in fact, we rented the airspace ... he had. not affect the result of a relationship Unfortunately, it did not work "
Source :. Esther Lee. "Jennifer Lopez Cris Judd talks marriage." 09/14/2014.

  • Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were engaged in October 02 with Jennifer wearing a pink engagement ring. Ben and Jennifer postponed their September 14, 03 marriage and finally ended their relationship in January 04.

Marc Anthony was also previously married. Marc Anthony announced his engagement to model Shannon De Lima in November 2014.

  • Dayanara Torres Delgado: Dayanara, actress, talk show host, model, former Miss Universe, Puerto Rico and dancer, married Marc, 9 May 00.

Marc and Dayanara renewed their wedding vows December 7, 02, at the Cathedral of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Their divorce was finalized in the Dominican Republic on June 1, 04.

Quotes Marriage of Mark and Jennifer:

Jennifer: "Things between Marc and me weren 't perfect, of course - our marriage has never been one to glide along peacefully early on, it was tumultuous, passionate and explosive, but we also shared many rewarding and joyous moments "
source: Jennifer Lopez ... True Love 2014

Jennifer :. "I think I've finally learned the biggest lesson of all. You have to love yourself first. You have to be OK on your own before you can be OK with somebody else. You have to assess and know that you're worth everything. and until you enjoy enough and love yourself enough to know that you can not really have a healthy relationship "
Source :. Tracey Lomrantz. "Sneak Preview of December 2011 Glamour Cover-Shoot Jennifer Lopez!" . 10/27/2011

Jennifer: "It is [marriage] not easy, and anyone who is successful at it deserves a pat on the back you have to grow with each other, you have to bend. backward to the other. There are many things. women must find a balance where you can stand on your own so you do not lose your individual power. I can not become "us", and I think women are as much be his wife, his girlfriend ... that's how I know that this relationship [with Marc Anthony] is worth, because many people walk too easily But to take that step and actually married -. and I did three times, and both times were, you know, not good for me or for them. - I'll take it seriously, we will go through difficult times, but we will work through them, and that's what we're trying to do ... Everything is great about my marriage. first, we love each other, truly love each other in a way that is very deep and meaningful, not not in a superficial sort of way. There is a deep respect, admiration and love for each other. We sincerely believe that we make each other better people ... We force each other to be better, and I think in a relationship, that's how it should be. You should not be with someone if it makes you feel less than who you are Jennifer Lopez Exclusive "
Source :. Shani Saxon-Parrish." 'I Can not Regret the things I did in the past . " 1/05/2010

Jennifer Marc.." He makes me slow down and eat lunch, I usually do not do, we have different philosophies, j ' His were so disciplined process is' Chill ..., do not kill you "
Source :. People Magazine. 13/04/06

Jennifer :. "I am a born romantic who thinks along the lines of love and marriage The only mistake I made was getting married too quickly to the men I fell in love with .. I just have to be grateful for the fact I am now married to Marc and I can move on "
Source :. . 28/04/05

Jennifer on marriage: "The two people really want to be there, you know, and they both have to make that choice and there is a compromise, and it is how you treat everyone.. others when you are hurt, I think that's the most important thing "
Source :. . 22.09.04

Jennifer on love:
Source "I throw in love because I believe in it, but when things do not work, you must take responsibility."

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Rushing into marriage does not work for Jennifer Lopez
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